Staying In a State of Joy and Gratitude

I was so impressed with Don Tolman’s latest blog I wanted to share it here.  Below is an excerpt of the article.  To see the full article, Please go here to read it and also for the opportunity to learn about sunscreen and bug spray that heals instead of harms.

The origins of Think and Thank

A lot of people don’t understand the connection of the etymology (root origins) of the two words, ‘think’ and ‘thank’.

The more we think – literally TRULY think – the more thankfulness we have in our hearts, and the greater spirit of gratitude that we have for the wonder of being alive.

The more we think about our children, spouses, parents, brothers, sisters and friends, the more thankfulness we feel towards them for sharing the journey of life together.

Just a few minutes each day spent either pondering your appreciation for loved ones and/or expressing this appreciation is a powerful healing force.

To have this spirit of gratitude flowing through you freely, regularly is an important emotional energy that gives additional meaning and purpose to your life.

Smell the roses

Make sure you take the time each day to stop and ‘smell the roses’.

If we don’t do this, sooner or later the hectic pace of life can lead to emotional trauma within and have a ripple effect on those around you.

It is true that the simple things in life are ultimately what tend to bring us the most joy.  Do 10-15 minutes sun gazing early in the morning, take a bare-footed walk on the sand, sit in a park and observe nature, or go for a hike in the forest.  Doing activities like this – either alone or with someone you care about – can be very healing and will help to ensure ongoing emotional balance in your life.

Imagine life the way you want it

Your life right now is the result of your imagination. Everything you’ve experienced to this point has helped define who you are and your imagination is what will either keep you where you are or allow you to re-invent a future to look forward to.

Do things that stimulate your imagination often and notice the thoughts that drop into your head. Creativity with purpose can help you achieve just about anything.

Make the commitment

Decide that no matter what, you’re going to live in a state of joy and gratitude.

Sure, there’ll always be periods of loss, pain and suffering, but the key is to experiment and to create and identify physical and emotional ‘tools’ that you can count on as a kind of ‘insurance’ whenever life gets you down.


Information About Alzheimer’s Disease Free Video Series

Alzheimer’s Disease: How to Make Sure that You Don’t End Up With It

There are so many ways to keep your brain sharp.  You can move, don’t eat too much, eat plants, choose not to involve yourself in drama, sleep at the right times, drink water, fresh air and sunshine.  All of these in combination will keep disease away from you.  You have to choose it.  Having health is not a mystery.

Since my goal here is to provide truthful ways to heal, I wanted to help with the sharing of this free video series. It’s about Alzheimer’s disease and is going to provide a lot of truth of how to prevent it. You do have to sign up by giving your email address to watch the videos, and it seems like they are selling them after the free viewing period is over. You can unsubscribe of course once you are done watching so you won’t receive all the emails about buying the series.

Here is the link:

Watch the Video

If you decide to watch please come back here, leave a comment and let me know what you think!


When Temptation Comes to Sabotage Your Healthy Efforts

Quick post here.  What can you do, if you’re trying to eat healthfully, you’ve been doing well and all of a sudden you’re in a situation where temptation is hitting and you know you’re going to have that thing, whatever it is!

In the United States, we live with excess.  We can have any candy bar, any combination of cookie or sweet – basically whenever we want.  If we don’t have it in our refrigerators or pantries, it’s a few minutes away to the nearest store.

Habits that are better and strength within those habits comes in time.  Our mind is a muscle that we can control and retrain with time!

When Temptation Comes to Sabotage Your Healthy Efforts

My suggestion is to cover it in greens.  Have a little bit of the tempting thing if you can’t resist and toss in greens.  The vitamins and minerals in raw greens will help your body do what it needs to do more efficiently get rid of the bad stuff.

If it’s a dessert then kind of hard to cover that in greens so do this.  Just take a minute to reflect on how you’ll feel 10 minutes later after eating it.  Drink a glass of water instead and go outside until the urge goes away.

You can have a life of great sleep and feeling full of energy each day by doing the steps:

Getting in fresh air

Spending time in the sun (no sunscreen)

Just eat plants because the possibilities are endless and the results are stunning!

Say no or have boundaries with people who want to be in a toxic relationship with you.

Drink lots of water.

Spend a couple of your hours everyday doing something you love to do.

Move everyday by walking and stretching, swimming, standing up and sitting down 50 times…just do something to move yourself.

Eat these green vegetables everyday.

I do all of these things every day and I now sleep like a rock and never have a need for pain medication.  This is a life you can also have, by being faithful to these steps.

I am only scratching the surface with this topic here.  Many of my other posts go into detail.  What do you think?  Please share a thought in the comments section.

Afternoon Attack of the Sweets, Handled

I live an abundant life without pain and great sleep.  I work from home and go on walks every day with my husband.  I have plenty of time to give my children and I feel great.  We laugh a lot.  I’m in a calm place.

It wasn’t this way for a long time.  I took serious action and decided to kick as much unhealthiness as I could out of my life.  The things I couldn’t kick out such as pollution, etc., I decided not to worry about it.  I breathed in and out and pushed through pain with moving daily through simple exercise.  I stand up and sit down a lot (when I’m sitting a lot).

The purpose of today’s blog is one of the steps that will help you get here as well if you’re interested.  I’m talking about afternoon snack attacks.  I used to handle these with bags upon bags of gummy lifesavers.  Or gummy anything.  I ate them until I fell into a toxic soup of mindless migraine numbness.  Except I wasn’t numb for long because pain would always show up sharp and true.

It was a family joke of how many bags I actually ate.  I got so many of these bags of candy for birthdays and Christmas or just because…a lot.  I even had a crafty friend that made purses out of my empty candy bags!  It happened to be popular at the time.

Today things are very different and I chose a new life.  Here’s how I handle it now, when I need something sweet.

Afternoon Chocolate Shake:

2 frozen bananas

A spoonful of raw cacao powder, but if you don’t have it still make this. Use the regular roasted kind but put the raw kind on your shopping list.

A cup or so of either frozen mango or pineapple.

Handful of greens, preferably something fresh picked from outside.

Optional: Raw carob bits.  I like to add these to the blender to give my raw ice cream a crunchiness.  But I didn’t like carob at first.  My taste buds gradually changed after I switched to just raw fruit and vegetables.

Put all of this in a blender with a small amount of water or hemp milk.

It’s decadent and satisfies the urge to snack.  Except for maybe the greens, all of the ingredients are easy to always have in your home.  If you always have sprouts growing then of course you will always have something green to add.

That’s it.  Please leave a comment and tell me about a good recipe you use to stay away from sugar in the afternoons or any time.

Natural Remedy for Tooth Pain That Will Heal Until You Can Get to a Dentist

How To Get Rid Of Tooth Pain

In this blog post, I will talk about how to heal tooth pain in the comfort of your own home.  I write this post for you, if the idea of having to go to a dentist in a state of pain emergency makes you cringe.

You can take pain medication if you want to take it.  But please know that it works by masking the pain, by deadening the nerves that allow you to feel.  So whatever is causing the pain is still there.  The pain will come back as soon as the pain medication wears off.

What if you could clean it up and get rid of what’s causing the pain?  This can be done with time tested, proven remedies.

Clean Up the Problem and Heal

You will need four things:  water, clove oil, the most natural sea salt you can get, and an Aloe Vera plant.  You will see results with any kind of salt, but the best kind to have on hand is real sea salt.  I’m sure there’s different brands but I’m talking about something that doesn’t have added bleach or anti-caking ingredients.

If you’re interested, here’s more information about the importance of using real salt.

We need salt.  Our bodies are made up of about 70% salt water.  The salt we take in needs to be real.  Soldiers in ancient Rome were paid in salt.  People have been tortured by slowly being deprived of salt!  Salt is very important.

When you go into the hospital for just about anything, the first thing they do is hook you up to a pure saline solution.  The anti-caking ingredients that are added to common salt dehydrate us and make it so our cells can’t absorb the minerals.

So get some pure, filtered water, sea salt, and good quality clove oil.  It’s important to have these things on hand before tooth pain comes up, especially when dealing with little people and pain.  It may be difficult to find clove oil if it’s 11 o’clock at night.

Here’s What to Do

Make a salt water solution of one spoonful of salt, water, and one drop of clove oil.  I get essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.  If you have a better source of course just use it.  Swish the solution around the tooth several times a day, even every 20 minutes if you have to , until you feel relief.  Continue to do this throughout the day.  The next day continue as well, but you won’t have to repeat as frequently.  On the third day, swish out your mouth about 3 times a day.  Keep going if you need to, but by day 3 you will have major relief.

Apply the gel from a fresh Aloe Vera leaf on the part of your face that is closest to the tooth.  get as close to the site of the tooth as you can.  Repeat at least 3 times a day.  Keep th eleaf in the refrigerator for repeated use.

Take a section of the Aloe leaf and place it in a glass of water.  Refill the water as needed, leaving the leaf in the glass and drink throughout the day.

By then you can think more clearly because you won’t be in pain.  You can start planning your trip to the dentist or whatever it is you need to do.

Close up picture my husband took out on a walk

When trying to help small children, not all kids can swish water.  If they are too little, I’ve had big success with adding a few drops of clove oil to a carrier oil like olive or coconut.  Rub it into your child’s jaw while reading a book to them, and maybe try to teach them how to swish but sometimes they can just be too fussy to learn at that point.

Note: I suggested clove oil because it’s a powerful pain reliever and cleaner.  If you also have oregano oil on hand you can definitely add a drop or two of that as well.  I’m saying one drop in case you need to give this to a child.  If it’s for an adult who can handle something a little stronger, try three drops in the salt water solution.  That’s about what I would personally use myself.

What do you think?  Please share any tooth relief stories you may have in the comments section.


7 Ways to Make Stress Leave Your Life so You Get to Move on To The Business of Feeling Better

There are so many articles about staying away from stress! I’m writing this article for people who are truly wanting to to reduce stress down to only when necessary, such as a fight or flight situation.

7 Ways To Make Stress Leave Your Life So You Get to Move on to The Business of Feeling Better.

Picture of a Dahlia from my mom’s backyard.

On this blog I focus in on seven things you need to have happening in your life in order to fight off disease, or get rid of it if it is already in your life.

I write this blog for you, because there are crazy statistics about how many people have disease, such as heart disease and cancer. I want to do what I can to help.

So stress is all about the choices you make. You decide if stress will be present or not. We will all have days/moments of sudden stress, like if all of a sudden a tree falls on your home or something like that. What I’m focusing on is the stress that you decide to bring in, and how to get rid of it.

1. Get off cell phones and all screens after 6pm, and don’t get on them first thing in the morning.  Get outside in natural light to give your eyes a break. This one isn’t instant as far as stress reduction. You have to develop the habit. Then time goes by and all of a sudden it’s been three weeks since you’ve been doing this and you notice that you just feel happier.

There’s exceptions to everything. If your teenager is at a movie and she’s going to call you to pick her up when its over, you need to check your phone. Try your best to keep these kinds of things brief and limited.

2.Don’t watch the news. Just don’t. You won’t miss anything as it’s mostly just depressing stuff. If something really, really major happens someone will tell you and you’ll find out one way or another. All that bad news does something to us that is just not good.

Set up your email in a way that you aren’t forced to see bad news. For example if you log into yahoo on a desk top to check your email, you have to see all kinds of bad things before you see your email. It really wears on us humans to be constantly, constantly exposed to murder, ugliness, and people behaving badly.

If you watch tv, turn it off when commercials come on. We’re big sports fans and I know especially with young children around, we turn it off for commercials to try and keep them from seeing things that are just too harsh and stressful.

3. This one can be difficult. If you have someone in your life that is kind of an emotional terrorist for you, that is, someone you just dread seeing or visiting, take some time to think about why that is.

If this person is a family member or someone you work with, it may be difficult to cut ties with them. If that is the case, try and set up some boundaries. I recently heard a wonderful talk on this subject, and the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend was recommended. I have not read it yet personally, but a couple of people who I am close to have. Sounds like it’s a very helpful book and I’m looking forward to reading it myself.

4. Walk every day.  Just decide to make it a habit.  I know all of the reasons and excuses not to open the door and walk.  Once you make this a habit it will go a long way for overall stress reduction.  You’ll find, if you make it a habit, that when stress does come up you will be able to handle it better.

All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
Layin’ in the sun,
Talkin’ bout the things
They woulda-coulda-shoulda done…
But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
All ran away and hid
From one little did.

-Shel Silverstein

Just some inspiration for something I know is so difficult.

5.  If you do a lot of sitting, start standing more and stretching.  Stand up and sit down 20 times.  Anything you can think of to just get moving.

6. Leave anonymous gifts on your neighbor’s and friend’s doorsteps.  The act of doing this in a regular way is so stress relieving.  The thrill of getting back in your car really fast so your friend won’t see you is fun, too!  I’ve left chips and salsa, full meals, a supply of paper towels.  I once actually had a neighbor who had a tree fall on the house, so it was nice to be able to do something.

7. Smile.  For no particular reason.  Smiling has tons of stress reducing effects on us.  It’s an interesting topic to research.  Smiling has all kinds of calming effects on us.  The endorphins alone that are released when we smile make it very worth your time.  Not to mention it’s FREE.  I found this information about smiling and wanted to share it. Here’s one of my daughter’s great smiles.

That’s it!  Just a quick list.  If you can add to it here I’d love it if you left a comment.

7 Things to Have in Your Life Every Day to Heal Disease

I’m writing this post today for people who are tired of being on prescription medication and want to feel better.

There are seven things that need to be present in your life on a daily basis in order to push through and get rid of disease, or keep disease from happening in the first place.

These seven things are what I base what I write about here on this blog.  To feel better, the seven things have to be daily and consistent.

Small things that you can make part of your daily life.

So, what does everyone, every living thing need everyday?

The answer is…

Fresh air, sunlight, pure water, fruit and vegetables, movement, no stress, and do something that you love to do everyday.

You could spend a lifetime writing about these seven things individually.  But everything is connected.  I break them apart to offer fine tuning and specific details on each one but ultimately, it’s challenging to focus on them in isolation.

I spend time on this blog writing about how anyone who is interested can make sure these things are a part of their daily life.

So, I will offer a brief synopsis here of what to do to own these seven things in your day to day operations.

Warning:  I criticize sunscreen – not to offend, just offering my thoughts on it.  Again, I’m writing this post specifically for those that are tired of taking medication and just feel like there’s something better they could be doing. So let’s get into it.

Fresh air.  Get some everyday.  Don’t stay inside all day long!  Actually walk outside and stay out there for a while.  I have a theory that some people literally either don’t feel comfortable or just don’t know how to hang out outside anymore.  I wrote a post about it if you are interested.

Sunlight.  So, so incredibly important it’s unreal.  But not only does almost everyone stay inside, but when they do go out they slather on sunscreen.  The sun isn’t damaging us but the sunscreen is.  The sun has a purpose and when it hits our skin a natural chemical process takes place.  We sweat and our skin pushes toxins up to the surface.  Just one of the many ways our bodies are always trying to heal us and clean us up.  The sunscreen blocks this process and basically the toxins that come up through the skin get all mixed up with the chemical cocktail that is sunscreen.  Then it’s a soupy, toxic mess.  Why do we get brown spots, (aging spots, cancer, call them whatever you want) all over our skin?  Well, the sun’s job is to clean us, to cause us to sweat and move the sludge through the body and out through the skin, which is one of the body’s trash removal methods.  Sometimes when the toxins meet sunlight they leave a spot on us.  You will also notice that many of these spots are in locations that do not see a lot of sun.  Our spots are like road maps or clues as to what is wrong inside.

The sun speeds up the cleaning process but the body will push toxins through the skin anyway, whether you go out in the sun or not. If you are interested in learning more about this, Markus Rothkranz has two books on the subject, Heal Your Face and Heal Yourself 101.

You can find a less expensive copy of Heal Your Face here.

This takes you to the direct website where you can also find a free pdf version of the book Heal Yourself 101.  This is a wonderful gift to have for free!

Note:  I enjoy promoting Markus’ work and signed up for the affiliate program.  I know for a fact that I won’t be joining any other affiliate program because it’s just not my style. Although, I am also part of the Amazon affiliate program so I can recommend other books related to what I am writing, Markus’ books are my favorite by far.  They are also sold on Amazon, but I wanted to offer the direct link to his website so you can be sure to see all of the plant powders and everything else that is there in order to help you heal.  Not everyone will apply the information. It’s a certain type of reader who wants something different from what modern medicine offers, and wants to approach the task of health from a new angle.  If I can play even the smallest part in helping this information get where it needs to go, I am thankful.

Ok back to the sun,

Another reason to be in the sun daily is the vitamin D, calcium, magnesium process that takes place.  Just get in the sun and you’re well on your way to the proper requirements for these three much needed elements.  No need to worry about what’s the right dosage.  If you’re just starting out trying to get healthier, go slow with your sun intake.  If you’ve been inside all day every day you’ll need to let your eyes adjust and take your time.

More on the sun in future posts, but we still have the other five things to cover.

Pure water.  I have noticed that anything in this life that has confusion surrounding it, is something important and worth sorting through the confusion for the truth.  Water is one of those things.  I don’t even know how many different types of bottled water and brands there are.  I’ve never liked water in plastic bottles because I can taste the plastic.  I’ve asked other people, some of them agree and some do not.  I personally don’t drink it.

So how do we get pure water?  A fun way is to find a source for spring water in your area.  You can go to this website and find out where natural spring water is coming up from the ground close by where you live.  This is fun to do!  We lived in Indiana for a couple of years because of my husband’s work and this state has some neat opportunities for free spring water.  If you live there and it’s close for you, check out Pokagon State Park.

I’ll give you one more way to get pure water if the spring water option doesn’t work out.  Get a glass pot.  The size depends on how big your family is.  I use two.  Boil tap water in the glass pot.  Let it cool off.  Pour it through a Britta water filter container.  The filter has charcoal inside of it to absorb any bad stuff left behind.  But I don’t like to keep buying those filters.  I buy loose, food grade charcoal and every month when I’m washing out the container I add a fresh heaping spoonful of charcoal.  It settles to the bottom and does not come through the dispenser.  I have this one and it doesn’t come through.  But if you go with the loose charcoal option you can just use any kind of pitcher that has the type of dispenser in the link.  Then, drink LOTS of water! An absolute must to feeling better.

Next up,

Fruit and Vegetables. Eat the plants and you can’t mess up.  Fruit is a cleanser and vegetables are the builders.  We are always needing to clean and rebuild on the inside.  Try hard to just eat plants and nothing else for as long of a period as you can.  You will be happy that you did this, and will, hopefully, be able to continue.

Stay away from emotional terrorists.  This one is kind of the most important, because you can drink all the water in the world and eat the healthiest food, but if you’re stressed out a lot of those efforts get canceled out.  Toxic relationships and people who seem to suck you in and aren’t good for you to be around…Find the courage and just go for it and move on.  You can do it!  If this person is a family member and you can’t really move on, establish some boundaries.

The next thing you have to have in your life everyday is:

Moving!  You simply have to move around.  Move yourself everyday for more than 30 minutes.  When you’re inside, every 20 minutes or so, stand up and move around.  If you’ve been eating plants and drinking lots of water, all of the garbage will start trying to exit.  You need to move to help that happen.  Just put on walking shoes, open up your door and walk.  Come back home and walk farther the next day and the next.  When it’s raining do jumping jacks inside.  Then walk later.  Just move and know that it doesn’t have to be perfect with work out clothes and a gym.  No one will care what you’re wearing.  People in your neighborhood may see you and they will wish that they were out there walking.

And finally,

Do something you love everyday.  Pick a time of day whether it’s an hour or more and do your favorite thing that is just for you.

That’s it.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about the seven things needed to be disease free.  It’s a start and please subscribe to my blog so you’ll know when the next article is here.



Keeping Clean with Plants, Clay and All Things Natural – the Hows and Whys

I’m writing this post specifically for people who want to follow the principal:  If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin.  I’m also writing to help people who worry about the pollution we potentially breathe in everyday.  Please don’t worry:)

A long time ago I stopped using products and have experienced an overall healthier feeling that I can tell is specifically from this action.  Plus I learned how so, so many of them are unnecessary.

What about toothpaste, deodorant, soap, lotion – all of the personal products.  The world is spilling over with these things.  Most if not all of these needs can be handled with raw apple cider vinegar, diatomaceous earth, bentonite clay, coconut oil, shea butter.

The internet is loaded with recipes for creating your own personal care stuff with the ingredients listed above and more.  But if you don’t feel like looking all of that up, you basically add water to the first three and make a mouth rinse, toothpaste, deodorant or whatever you need. It doesn’t have to be complicated.  Just make sure you actually have these things in your home so you will be more likely to use them.

Use coconut oil, shea butter and aloe vera plants for dry skin.  Apple cider vinegar diluted with water and added to a squirt bottle gets you clean without leaving a film.

Try bentonite clay for deodorant and prepare to be amazed.  Apply as needed.  Deodorant is so bad for us.  It’s applied to the very place where toxins and dirt are trying to exit the body and then we come along and shellac a coating of chemicals to trap it in.  If you think about it like that it just doesn’t make sense to use it.  Use a clean empty spice jar or some small glass container you have around the house.  Keep some with you to use when you need it.

As far as shampoo goes, once, for six months straight I only washed my hair with an apple cider vinegar/water rinse.  I followed up with a small amount of coconut oil on the ends as needed.  It and accomplished what I was trying to accomplish, which was giving myself a complete break from chemicals.  I personally couldn’t keep it up.  I went back to using shampoo and maybe I’ll do this again if I feel the need to detox on that level again.

This reminds me, I want to try getting a few soap wort plants (Saponaria Officinalis).  You can put them in the blender with a little water and get a lathering soap that’s good for you.

It’s freeing to make up a simple concoction to get clean.  What I mean is we don’t have to get hung up on which product to choose, which one will do the best job if you understand that:

Every day your body works to push waste and dirt out through the pores of the skin.  Help by rinsing dirt away with something pure. Help your skin do what it’s designed to do.

I’ve read that cancer patients should remove all cleaning products that are toxic.  So basically this means everyone should remove these things and it’s fun anyway to just make your own.  It’s not hard and you save money.

In the summer in the town where I live, the ‘mosquito truck’ drives up and down our streets late at night spraying us with who knows what.  I cringe every time but I don’t panic.  I wish my city would spray us with neem oil instead, but until that happens I just make sure that what I use is ok to breathe in and safe.

It’s hard not to panic about the state of what we’re breathing in I know, but it leads to stress so please don’t worry.  What I do is I just quietly go about the work of making my own surroundings, and the surroundings of others who ask for my help, the best that I can.  I learn about and use the plants that are growing around me.

I don’t worry about what’s beyond my control because if I keep my kidneys and liver clean they will be able to filter out what doesn’t belong.  The more I learn about the capabilities of the human body, the more amazed I get.  Our bodies are constantly working to clean us up and we can help by not adding to the job.

That’s it for now!  What do you think and I’d love to know if anyone has a homemade shampoo recipe that actually lathers.

Feel Better Right Now – 11 Things To Do

I just wanted to put up a quick post while I’m thinking about this.  When you need a list to go to when you feel lethargic and blah, try this one!

  1. Sit on the floor and stand up and sit down as many times as you can.
  2. Run around the outside of your house five times and laugh about what your neighbors must be thinking.
  3. Do as many jumping jacks as you can then write a hand-written thank you note to someone who needs to hear from you.
  4. Read one chapter from a book you’ve been meaning to read.
  5. Scream at the top of your lungs.
  6. Drink a glass of water and then go on a walk.
  7. Bring a junk drawer outside with a spray bottle and paper towel.  Dump it out and throw away and reorganize.
  8. Make a list of 10 things you’re so thankful for. (I know this one is so common but do we actually do it?)
  9. Polish up a bathroom.
  10. Clean your bed side table.
  11. Bring something to your neighbor.

That’s it!  All of the things can be done in 5 minutes and you’ll be in a better frame of mind when you’re done.  Print this list out or make your own and tape it up where you’ll see it everyday.

I’d love to know if you have something to add.  Please leave a comment if you do.


About Me


Hello and welcome.  My name is Stephanie Brown.  Welcome to the About Me page.

I write about practical solutions and established strategies for healing from disease.  I focus on healing through the use of sunlight, fresh air, pure water, eating plants, moving, being passionate about something, and avoiding toxic relationships.

Five years ago my wonderful friend decided to take charge of her own health and well-being.  I started doing my own research, and brought an end to migraine headaches that I had lived with for 30 years.

I learned so much.  Everything in the body and mind is connected.  What I mean is no body part works in isolation.  So it doesn’t matter what the particular ailment is.  For me, personally, it was migraine headaches but if something is hurting you, something inside is blocked (literally).  It’s not complicated – it means a tube somewhere is clogged, and you can unclog it.

When I healed completely by using plants from pain that I had for so long, I was able to push through a fear of public speaking/being online/blogging – I guess it was several platforms! – and do my best to bring what I’ve learned to readers who are also interested in this type of healing.

My blog is about recovering the traditional value of doing things yourself.

I include lots of information here about unclogging; information that I spent many years putting together.  My hope is to get the information to those who want it, for those who find this type of healing to be the right fit.

I am not a doctor, even though my kids tell me I’m becoming one.  I’m a wife and mother with a lot of joy about what I now know.  I learned that health is not a mystery.  It’s not complicated or unattainable.  Anyone can have health and health is wealth.

My goal is to share my knowledge with my readers.  Mostly, I will talk about the hidden and forgotten power of plants and how to use simple, free, daily regimens to regain your strength.  By making small, straightforward changes that I will show you how to accomplish, I promise that you can improve your quality of life.

When I say that these changes are simple, I really mean it.  They are all wrapped up in…

fresh air,


pure water,

moving yourself,

nourishing food from the trees and plants,

staying away from emotional terrorists,

doing something you love every day.

You can invest daily in these 7 principals for better health.  What I really love about sharing this is fostering an understanding that improving the way you feel does not cost money.  It’s free and available to do at home if you choose it.

It does take your effort and that’s an area that, hopefully, I can offer encouragement.

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That’s it for now.  Here’s to a better and healthier life!

Stephanie Brown