7 Things to Have in Your Life Every Day to Heal Disease

I’m writing this post today for people who are tired of being on prescription medication and want to feel better.

There are seven things that need to be present in your life on a daily basis in order to push through and get rid of disease, or keep disease from happening in the first place.

These seven things are what I base what I write about here on this blog.  To feel better, the seven things have to be daily and consistent.

Small things that you can make part of your daily life.

So, what does everyone, every living thing need everyday?

The answer is…

Fresh air, sunlight, pure water, fruit and vegetables, movement, no stress, and do something that you love to do everyday.

You could spend a lifetime writing about these seven things individually.  But everything is connected.  I break them apart to offer fine tuning and specific details on each one but ultimately, it’s challenging to focus on them in isolation.

I spend time on this blog writing about how anyone who is interested can make sure these things are a part of their daily life.

So, I will offer a brief synopsis here of what to do to own these seven things in your day to day operations.

Warning:  I criticize sunscreen – not to offend, just offering my thoughts on it.  Again, I’m writing this post specifically for those that are tired of taking medication and just feel like there’s something better they could be doing. So let’s get into it.

Fresh air.  Get some everyday.  Don’t stay inside all day long!  Actually walk outside and stay out there for a while.  I have a theory that some people literally either don’t feel comfortable or just don’t know how to hang out outside anymore.  I wrote a post about it if you are interested.

Sunlight.  So, so incredibly important it’s unreal.  But not only does almost everyone stay inside, but when they do go out they slather on sunscreen.  The sun isn’t damaging us but the sunscreen is.  The sun has a purpose and when it hits our skin a natural chemical process takes place.  We sweat and our skin pushes toxins up to the surface.  Just one of the many ways our bodies are always trying to heal us and clean us up.  The sunscreen blocks this process and basically the toxins that come up through the skin get all mixed up with the chemical cocktail that is sunscreen.  Then it’s a soupy, toxic mess.  Why do we get brown spots, (aging spots, cancer, call them whatever you want) all over our skin?  Well, the sun’s job is to clean us, to cause us to sweat and move the sludge through the body and out through the skin, which is one of the body’s trash removal methods.  Sometimes when the toxins meet sunlight they leave a spot on us.  You will also notice that many of these spots are in locations that do not see a lot of sun.  Our spots are like road maps or clues as to what is wrong inside.

The sun speeds up the cleaning process but the body will push toxins through the skin anyway, whether you go out in the sun or not. If you are interested in learning more about this, Markus Rothkranz has two books on the subject, Heal Your Face and Heal Yourself 101.

You can find a less expensive copy of Heal Your Face here.

This takes you to the direct website where you can also find a free pdf version of the book Heal Yourself 101.  This is a wonderful gift to have for free!

Note:  I enjoy promoting Markus’ work and signed up for the affiliate program.  I know for a fact that I won’t be joining any other affiliate program because it’s just not my style. Although, I am also part of the Amazon affiliate program so I can recommend other books related to what I am writing, Markus’ books are my favorite by far.  They are also sold on Amazon, but I wanted to offer the direct link to his website so you can be sure to see all of the plant powders and everything else that is there in order to help you heal.  Not everyone will apply the information. It’s a certain type of reader who wants something different from what modern medicine offers, and wants to approach the task of health from a new angle.  If I can play even the smallest part in helping this information get where it needs to go, I am thankful.

Ok back to the sun,

Another reason to be in the sun daily is the vitamin D, calcium, magnesium process that takes place.  Just get in the sun and you’re well on your way to the proper requirements for these three much needed elements.  No need to worry about what’s the right dosage.  If you’re just starting out trying to get healthier, go slow with your sun intake.  If you’ve been inside all day every day you’ll need to let your eyes adjust and take your time.

More on the sun in future posts, but we still have the other five things to cover.

Pure water.  I have noticed that anything in this life that has confusion surrounding it, is something important and worth sorting through the confusion for the truth.  Water is one of those things.  I don’t even know how many different types of bottled water and brands there are.  I’ve never liked water in plastic bottles because I can taste the plastic.  I’ve asked other people, some of them agree and some do not.  I personally don’t drink it.

So how do we get pure water?  A fun way is to find a source for spring water in your area.  You can go to this website and find out where natural spring water is coming up from the ground close by where you live.  This is fun to do!  We lived in Indiana for a couple of years because of my husband’s work and this state has some neat opportunities for free spring water.  If you live there and it’s close for you, check out Pokagon State Park.

I’ll give you one more way to get pure water if the spring water option doesn’t work out.  Get a glass pot.  The size depends on how big your family is.  I use two.  Boil tap water in the glass pot.  Let it cool off.  Pour it through a Britta water filter container.  The filter has charcoal inside of it to absorb any bad stuff left behind.  But I don’t like to keep buying those filters.  I buy loose, food grade charcoal and every month when I’m washing out the container I add a fresh heaping spoonful of charcoal.  It settles to the bottom and does not come through the dispenser.  I have this one and it doesn’t come through.  But if you go with the loose charcoal option you can just use any kind of pitcher that has the type of dispenser in the link.  Then, drink LOTS of water! An absolute must to feeling better.

Next up,

Fruit and Vegetables. Eat the plants and you can’t mess up.  Fruit is a cleanser and vegetables are the builders.  We are always needing to clean and rebuild on the inside.  Try hard to just eat plants and nothing else for as long of a period as you can.  You will be happy that you did this, and will, hopefully, be able to continue.

Stay away from emotional terrorists.  This one is kind of the most important, because you can drink all the water in the world and eat the healthiest food, but if you’re stressed out a lot of those efforts get canceled out.  Toxic relationships and people who seem to suck you in and aren’t good for you to be around…Find the courage and just go for it and move on.  You can do it!  If this person is a family member and you can’t really move on, establish some boundaries.

The next thing you have to have in your life everyday is:

Moving!  You simply have to move around.  Move yourself everyday for more than 30 minutes.  When you’re inside, every 20 minutes or so, stand up and move around.  If you’ve been eating plants and drinking lots of water, all of the garbage will start trying to exit.  You need to move to help that happen.  Just put on walking shoes, open up your door and walk.  Come back home and walk farther the next day and the next.  When it’s raining do jumping jacks inside.  Then walk later.  Just move and know that it doesn’t have to be perfect with work out clothes and a gym.  No one will care what you’re wearing.  People in your neighborhood may see you and they will wish that they were out there walking.

And finally,

Do something you love everyday.  Pick a time of day whether it’s an hour or more and do your favorite thing that is just for you.

That’s it.  I hope you have enjoyed reading about the seven things needed to be disease free.  It’s a start and please subscribe to my blog so you’ll know when the next article is here.



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