About Me

Hi!  My name is Stephanie Brown.  Welcome to the About Me page.

Five years ago, inspired by a friend’s journey to take charge of her own health and well-being, I started doing my own research, and found freedom from the pain of migraine headaches that I had lived with for 30 years.

Everything in the body and mind is connected.  What I mean is no body part works in isolation.  So it doesn’t matter what the particular ailment is.  For me, personally, it was migraine headaches but if something is hurting you, something inside is blocked (literally).  It’s not complicated – it just means a tube somewhere is clogged, and you can unclog it yourself.

Onehealthylifemove.com is about recovering the traditional value of doing things yourself.

I will include lots of information here about unclogging.  Information that I spent many years putting together and my hope is to get the information to those who want it.

I am not a doctor.  I am a wife and mother with a lot of enthusiasm about what I now know.  I learned that health is not a mystery.  It’s not complicated or unattainable.  Anyone can have health and I believe that health is wealth.

My goal is to share my knowledge with my readers.  Mostly, I will talk about the hidden and forgotten power of plants and how to use simple, free, daily regimens to regain your health.  By making small, daily, straightforward changes that I will show you how to accomplish, I promise that you can improve your quality of life.

When I say that these changes are simple, I really mean it.  They are all wrapped up in…

fresh air,


pure water,

moving yourself,

nourishing food from the trees and plants,

staying away from emotional terrorists,

doing something you love every day.

I blog about how to invest in these 7 principals for better health.  What I really love about sharing this is fostering an understanding that improving the way you feel does not cost money.  It’s free and available to you if you choose it.

It does take your effort and that’s an area that, hopefully, I can offer encouragement.

If all this sounds like something you would be interested in, bookmark this website and visit as often as needed, until these concepts become second nature.

That’s it for now.  Here’s to a better and healthier life!

Stephanie Brown