Afternoon Attack of the Sweets, Handled

I live an abundant life without pain and great sleep.  I work from home and go on walks every day with my husband.  I have plenty of time to give my children and I feel great.  We laugh a lot.  I’m in a calm place.

It wasn’t this way for a long time.  I took serious action and decided to kick as much unhealthiness as I could out of my life.  The things I couldn’t kick out such as pollution, etc., I decided not to worry about it.  I breathed in and out and pushed through pain with moving daily through simple exercise.  I stand up and sit down a lot (when I’m sitting a lot).

The purpose of today’s blog is one of the steps that will help you get here as well if you’re interested.  I’m talking about afternoon snack attacks.  I used to handle these with bags upon bags of gummy lifesavers.  Or gummy anything.  I ate them until I fell into a toxic soup of mindless migraine numbness.  Except I wasn’t numb for long because pain would always show up sharp and true.

It was a family joke of how many bags I actually ate.  I got so many of these bags of candy for birthdays and Christmas or just because…a lot.  I even had a crafty friend that made purses out of my empty candy bags!  It happened to be popular at the time.

Today things are very different and I chose a new life.  Here’s how I handle it now, when I need something sweet.

Afternoon Chocolate Shake:

2 frozen bananas

A spoonful of raw cacao powder, but if you don’t have it still make this. Use the regular roasted kind but put the raw kind on your shopping list.

A cup or so of either frozen mango or pineapple.

Handful of greens, preferably something fresh picked from outside.

Optional: Raw carob bits.  I like to add these to the blender to give my raw ice cream a crunchiness.  But I didn’t like carob at first.  My taste buds gradually changed after I switched to just raw fruit and vegetables.

Put all of this in a blender with a small amount of water or hemp milk.

It’s decadent and satisfies the urge to snack.  Except for maybe the greens, all of the ingredients are easy to always have in your home.  If you always have sprouts growing then of course you will always have something green to add.

That’s it.  Please leave a comment and tell me about a good recipe you use to stay away from sugar in the afternoons or any time.

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