Can One Plant Heal You?


There is no denying that plants are designed to heal us.  They all have amazing properties and more and more studies keep popping up to prove this.  You could spend a lifetime studying and being in awe of what they can actually do.  They are incredible, but there is no one magic plant or pill that can heal what’s wrong with you.  Develop a healthy skeptisism when someone tells you that there is.  There are no shortcuts because the results still come from that tried and true, everyday, gentle steps forward kind of attitude!

It takes your physical and mental action to have health.  The actions are as follows:

Being passionate about something,

moving,sweating out the toxins,

getting sun,

refusing to consume anything that has side effects or chemical ingredients,

drinking fresh, pure water.

Saying no to destructive relationships, people that are negative and want to bring you down where they are.  Establish boundaries and offer what you can.  Say goodbye with love if you have to do so.

The person who can heal you is you.  Plants will help.  They can help clean up the damage that’s been done.  Feeling better is all yours but you have to choose it:)

I am excited for you as you take the steps to create your own health.

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