My Story of Getting Rid of Migraine Headaches by Adding Emptiness Part 2

Hello and welcome to part 2 of my story about migraines or, how I got rid of them and kept them from returning.

This will be hard before it gets easy.  It takes will power and a kind of requirement that you wrap your brain around the work of getting rid of them in a new way. Because to get rid of them you have to change.  Usually you have to change your lifestyle.  It involves giving up a lot of bad stuff!

It’s crazy because what I’m writing about here isn’t any new method.  I’m not going to say eat Gogi berries or take this supplement and the migraines will leave, even though I do love Gogi berries.

When I was living with migraine I got so tired of quick-trip-to-health-types-of-solutions.  Adding healthy food, vitamins or supplements is not going to change things.  Fruits and vegetables are so needed, it’s true, but it’s much more about what you take out of your life than what you add.

In part one I talked about emptiness.  Once I connected emptiness and lack of pain, I couldn’t get more information fast enough.  Why was this happening?  Why was the pain lighter and less when I was empty?

I learned volumes on the subject.  Pain anywhere means that something is blocked.  That’s pretty basic.  There’s a backup in the plumbing and it’s making a mess.

It’s no different than cleaning up a mess you made around the house.  We make a mess of ourselves inside, and it simply has to be cleaned up, too.

My family and some close friends know about my journey of leaving migraines behind and the thankfulness, gratitude, and humbleness that came with recovering is the thing that got me to purchase a domain name, start this blog and actually start talking in a public format.

My desire to help other people end migraine suffering was bigger that my fear of public (online) speaking so hear I am!

My list is basically 3 categories.  There’s a lot to these three areas but I will do my best to keep it simple and organized in this post.  This method won’t be for everyone, but I believe there’s something here for everyone who suffers from regular recurring pain.  So here is it…

Clean up inside.  What does this mean?  Do a parasite cleanse.  Stop eating for a couple of days to give your digestive system a rest.  Drink tons of water.  In the first month of cleaning up,consider doing an enema every other day.

If you are just too squeamish about doing this type of cleaning and don’t mind the slow and steady route, enemas are not mandatory.  For faster results I urge you to seriously consider it, though.  More about this in a future post.

For now just please make sure that once you make the commitment to clean up, that you stop putting the kind of food in that makes the mess in the first place.

I won’t go into detail in this post either about parasite cleanses.  If it sounds completely foreign to you, look into it, try to wrap your brain around it with some research.  It’s a gross subject, but if you’re able to accept it for what it is you’ll be thankful for the knowledge.

Now, I’ll get specific about the exact location of the mess that’s causing the migraine.  Two great herbal health pioneers, Dr. John Christopher and Dr. N.W. Walker both contributed healing information worth way more than its weight in gold!  It is so worth your time to learn more about their work.  I highly recommend you get a couple of their books to get a full understanding of how colon health is so literally related to being pain free.

It turns out that all parts of the colon are related and match up, so to speak, with certain body parts.  For migraines, you have to clean up the bottom of the ascending colon, near the secum valve.  There’s a hard, encrusted mess there that needs to go.

Cleaning up this part of your anatomy is a huge part of getting the migraines to leave. Water gets everything flowing again, which brings me to the second thing in the list…

Your Water Drinking Routine. You want to drink water all day, at least a gallon.  But there’s also a specific time each day that you need to drink.  Once we fall asleep, the valves in the digestive tract open up to allow for better air flow and circulation.  The soles of our feet have receptors that close the valves in the morning once we stand up.  (Amazing, isn’t it!)  So this is the perfect opportunity to get some water right down into the colon where it needs to be.

Drink a glass of water before you stand up.  Make sure to place it on your bed side table before falling asleep for the night.  Add a couple of spoonfuls of raw apple cider vinegar or lemon for extra cleaning and to restore your stomach acid.  Work to make this a habit and you will reap the rewards.

No one wants to talk about this but here it is…you need to be having 3-5 well-formed bowel movements a day.  The water routine will help this along, in combination with your willingness to do the next step….

Only eat raw fruit and vegetables, nuts and seeds.  Have cooked vegetables occasionally and every once in a great while, maybe some meat, but not when you’re first getting started with this.  No dairy, refined flours, refined salts, alcohol and sugar.  No mucus causing food since what you’re trying to do is clear the tubes, so you won’t be blocked, so you won’t have pain.

Plants are designed to clear the tubes and then you won’t be in a constipated state.

Every part of our colon is related to a specific body part.  One hundred years ago, approaching sickness from this angle/type of thinking was more common.  Obviously today it isn’t.

I will wrap it up now but there is much more to come.  What about you?  Does any of this information provide some insight?  I’d love to know what you think.  Please leave a comment so we can discuss, and if I can help in any way I’d love to do that as well.

My Story of Getting Rid of Migraine Headaches by Adding Emptiness, Part 1

I am writing this for others out there who suffer with horrible head pain. I am so incredibly thankful and humbled that my pain is gone that I can barely explain it.

I’m compelled, motivated, called, to help others find their way out.

This is my migraine story and I hope and pray there is something here that helps you.

I remember the moment that I first felt the stabbing pain of what I was to learn much later, is called a migraine headache.

I was eleven years old. It was an extremely hot August day, and my task was to bring everyone in my family ice water. We were doing yard work. I went in our kitchen and decided to get fancy with pretty glasses and a tray. When everything was ready I walked back outside and that’s when it hit me.

I dropped everything and to this day have such a sharp mental picture of our yellow glasses on the green grass, the ice cubes and stifling heat.

The rest of the day is not as clear of a memory to me. I think I went inside and fell asleep. But for whatever reason I always will remember those blades of grass and the ice cubes so vividly.

That was the beginning of my long relationship. A lot of painful memories of …..well, pain, and always missing out on things. In high school and college it was missing out on what my friends were doing.

Since the beginning of our marriage my husband has been with me through all of it. He made sure there was no noise or extra light. If you suffer from migraines, you know what I’m referring to with the noise and light.

When the pain would climb up to horrible and I knew for sure that this was it – I wasn’t going to survive or come out on the other side of this – my husband was always there to tell me I would survive, just like I did each and every time.  Sounds dramatic and I laugh to myself when I remember saying that.  But at the same time, I also remember what caused me to say it.

Fast forward through seventeen years of migraines! By this time we have 4 beautiful children. That would be a separate book in itself what the migraines did through all four of the pregnancies, so maybe one day I’ll get to that! What I’ll focus on here is the night I decided to stop depending on over the counter pain medication for these events.

By the way, throughout all of this, I never used prescription drugs. I seriously considered it but, looking back, I think I was afraid of the side effects. I guess my thinking back then was, I was already such a mess, how could I add more to it.

Back to my story. It was a Sunday afternoon. My husband was out of town and there it was –

the sickening beginning of migraine that I knew so well.

I don’t know what was different about this time compared to all of the others but I remember I had had enough of it. I felt tired, not necessarily physically tired, just an incredible aggravation and annoyance that here I was, about to go through this, yet again.

I was mad! Over the years I had read different things here and there about the side effects of over the counter pain meds, and was, of course, aware that this at least existed. For whatever reason, this particular night I was mad about that, too.

My thinking was why should I continue to take this stuff. It never helps anyway except maybe it took the edge off. It would take away the sharpness of the pain, maybe the pain wouldn’t reach those incredible heights if I took it early enough in advance.

But that night it became incredibly clear to me that it wasn’t healing me; it was numbing me so I wouldn’t feel.

That night I decided I would feel it. I even wanted to. I wanted the migraine to bring everything it had and I was going to fight back.

Why??? Where were these thoughts coming from? I had been afraid of the pain for so long. I remember I literally decided that, no matter what happened, I wasn’t going to be afraid anymore. I don’t know how else to describe this part except to say that I somehow felt ready to do a battle, which sounds so funny I know. I threw away all the pain medication I had, got a glass of water, and gave the kids permission to watch a movie. I walked to my room to lay down, be still and wait for it to leave. I threw up once and then made three additional trips to the bathroom. This was nothing new for me, just the usual migraine happenings. I was completely empty.


My mind was so clear! I was in pain but I always thought that the pain was what made me feel so foggy. This was new and different. I noticed that once I was empty (I’m talking about my digestive tract), the pain was lighter. It was there but not intense in a panicking life-threatening way.

What’s the connection between being empty and pain?

After years of studying, I have the answer to this question with a clear understanding. I learned that the intensity of these migraines was under my control. If I was stuffed with food close to the time when a migraine was expected, look out! Unbearable, off the charts pain. When I fast, flood myself with water, I have either no pain at all, or some dizziness and a pain level of maybe between 2-4, on a scale of 0-10.

What about you?  Have you ever noticed a correlation between pain and physical emptiness?  I would love to hear your comments.

In my next post I will discuss what happened next, and what I’ve done to make sure migraine headaches are no longer a part of my life.  I have solid information to share with you about how to beat the pain once and for all.  The main goal of what I’m sharing is to show that there’s hope!  It doesn’t have to go on for the rest of your life:)