Staying In a State of Joy and Gratitude

I was so impressed with Don Tolman’s latest blog I wanted to share it here.  Below is an excerpt of the article.  To see the full article, Please go here to read it and also for the opportunity to learn about sunscreen and bug spray that heals instead of harms.

The origins of Think and Thank

A lot of people don’t understand the connection of the etymology (root origins) of the two words, ‘think’ and ‘thank’.

The more we think – literally TRULY think – the more thankfulness we have in our hearts, and the greater spirit of gratitude that we have for the wonder of being alive.

The more we think about our children, spouses, parents, brothers, sisters and friends, the more thankfulness we feel towards them for sharing the journey of life together.

Just a few minutes each day spent either pondering your appreciation for loved ones and/or expressing this appreciation is a powerful healing force.

To have this spirit of gratitude flowing through you freely, regularly is an important emotional energy that gives additional meaning and purpose to your life.

Smell the roses

Make sure you take the time each day to stop and ‘smell the roses’.

If we don’t do this, sooner or later the hectic pace of life can lead to emotional trauma within and have a ripple effect on those around you.

It is true that the simple things in life are ultimately what tend to bring us the most joy.  Do 10-15 minutes sun gazing early in the morning, take a bare-footed walk on the sand, sit in a park and observe nature, or go for a hike in the forest.  Doing activities like this – either alone or with someone you care about – can be very healing and will help to ensure ongoing emotional balance in your life.

Imagine life the way you want it

Your life right now is the result of your imagination. Everything you’ve experienced to this point has helped define who you are and your imagination is what will either keep you where you are or allow you to re-invent a future to look forward to.

Do things that stimulate your imagination often and notice the thoughts that drop into your head. Creativity with purpose can help you achieve just about anything.

Make the commitment

Decide that no matter what, you’re going to live in a state of joy and gratitude.

Sure, there’ll always be periods of loss, pain and suffering, but the key is to experiment and to create and identify physical and emotional ‘tools’ that you can count on as a kind of ‘insurance’ whenever life gets you down.

7 Ways to Make Stress Leave Your Life so You Get to Move on To The Business of Feeling Better

There are so many articles about staying away from stress! I’m writing this article for people who are truly wanting to to reduce stress down to only when necessary, such as a fight or flight situation.

7 Ways To Make Stress Leave Your Life So You Get to Move on to The Business of Feeling Better.

Picture of a Dahlia from my mom’s backyard.

On this blog I focus in on seven things you need to have happening in your life in order to fight off disease, or get rid of it if it is already in your life.

I write this blog for you, because there are crazy statistics about how many people have disease, such as heart disease and cancer. I want to do what I can to help.

So stress is all about the choices you make. You decide if stress will be present or not. We will all have days/moments of sudden stress, like if all of a sudden a tree falls on your home or something like that. What I’m focusing on is the stress that you decide to bring in, and how to get rid of it.

1. Get off cell phones and all screens after 6pm, and don’t get on them first thing in the morning.  Get outside in natural light to give your eyes a break. This one isn’t instant as far as stress reduction. You have to develop the habit. Then time goes by and all of a sudden it’s been three weeks since you’ve been doing this and you notice that you just feel happier.

There’s exceptions to everything. If your teenager is at a movie and she’s going to call you to pick her up when its over, you need to check your phone. Try your best to keep these kinds of things brief and limited.

2.Don’t watch the news. Just don’t. You won’t miss anything as it’s mostly just depressing stuff. If something really, really major happens someone will tell you and you’ll find out one way or another. All that bad news does something to us that is just not good.

Set up your email in a way that you aren’t forced to see bad news. For example if you log into yahoo on a desk top to check your email, you have to see all kinds of bad things before you see your email. It really wears on us humans to be constantly, constantly exposed to murder, ugliness, and people behaving badly.

If you watch tv, turn it off when commercials come on. We’re big sports fans and I know especially with young children around, we turn it off for commercials to try and keep them from seeing things that are just too harsh and stressful.

3. This one can be difficult. If you have someone in your life that is kind of an emotional terrorist for you, that is, someone you just dread seeing or visiting, take some time to think about why that is.

If this person is a family member or someone you work with, it may be difficult to cut ties with them. If that is the case, try and set up some boundaries. I recently heard a wonderful talk on this subject, and the book Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend was recommended. I have not read it yet personally, but a couple of people who I am close to have. Sounds like it’s a very helpful book and I’m looking forward to reading it myself.

4. Walk every day.  Just decide to make it a habit.  I know all of the reasons and excuses not to open the door and walk.  Once you make this a habit it will go a long way for overall stress reduction.  You’ll find, if you make it a habit, that when stress does come up you will be able to handle it better.

All the Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
Layin’ in the sun,
Talkin’ bout the things
They woulda-coulda-shoulda done…
But those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas
All ran away and hid
From one little did.

-Shel Silverstein

Just some inspiration for something I know is so difficult.

5.  If you do a lot of sitting, start standing more and stretching.  Stand up and sit down 20 times.  Anything you can think of to just get moving.

6. Leave anonymous gifts on your neighbor’s and friend’s doorsteps.  The act of doing this in a regular way is so stress relieving.  The thrill of getting back in your car really fast so your friend won’t see you is fun, too!  I’ve left chips and salsa, full meals, a supply of paper towels.  I once actually had a neighbor who had a tree fall on the house, so it was nice to be able to do something.

7. Smile.  For no particular reason.  Smiling has tons of stress reducing effects on us.  It’s an interesting topic to research.  Smiling has all kinds of calming effects on us.  The endorphins alone that are released when we smile make it very worth your time.  Not to mention it’s FREE.  I found this information about smiling and wanted to share it. Here’s one of my daughter’s great smiles.

That’s it!  Just a quick list.  If you can add to it here I’d love it if you left a comment.