How Do You Unclog Tubes?

Exactly how many tubes are in the human body?


For this article I want to focus on how a tube is a hollow structure, and the contents that need to flow through it have to be able to do so freely and without obstruction.


The tubes get clogged with the garbage we eat, but health is not a mystery.  How do you unclog the tubes?


Move  Stand up right now and walk around the outside of your home.  Come on, take care of yourself and make a start.  Do what you can.  The point is to do it.

Fresh air  Open the window.  Get outside.  Operate clean, dust free fans.

Do a little fasting to help clear out the garbage, or at least eat between 10am – 6pm.

Eat things that don’t clog the tubes  Fresh, raw fruit cleans your tubes and fresh raw vegeatbles rebuild them.  This is what’s true.


The most important tube to unclog is the colon.  Please do this.  Read Heal Yourself 101 for some FREE information about how to do this.  When the colon is clogged the other organs of the body won’t let go of what they are holding inside.  The gall bladder and kidneys will form stones around what doesn’t belong in an attempt to protect the body from it.  


The daily effort of drinking water and moving unclogs the tubes.


Health is not a mystery when you decide to be in charge it.


While you are outside, enjoy the sun.  In the same way that a stinky pair of shoes gets better after a day in the sun, you do as well!  Sun brings dirt to the surface of you (your skin).  Sun kills mold and bacteria and we all have some in varying degrees.


Thank you for reading this.  I have only scratched the surface of these topics here, but my hope is that you take some time to reflect and research.  Please leave a comment or question in the comments section.



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