Quick and Free Ways to Make Sure you Drink a Green Smoothie Everyday

Drinking a smoothie everyday doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect.  Throw greens and some fruit into a blender with about two cups of water.  Use frozen fruit or ice for coldness.  Below are some ways that will hopefully make it easier for you to do.

Only go to the produce section and that’s it. If you have children (who want you to go to the other parts of the store) keep telling yourself that it’s only whining and it will pass. You’re the one in charge! This part is hard. It takes lots of willpower, but when you succeed your kids are watching. They see your strength and they see where your priorities are. It starts to get easier. Don’t picture them in the present, complaining about what you’re not putting in the cart. Picture them when they are 35 and remembering your example. You can remain strong, steadfast, and loving to those precious little people.

While you’re in the produce section, buy greens that look the best and smell the freshest. If you buy the kind in the rectangular plastic container, fold in a paper towel to place on the top of the greens, close it, and place it upside down in the refrigerator. Change the paper towel everyday, sometimes twice a day. I find this is the best way to keep the greens the freshest for the longest amount of time.

Get as many greens as possible from your own backyard. Learn about what you already have that is edible. Did you know that all grass is edible? You can throw a handful in your smoothie. Wheatgrass gets all of the attention but all grasses are edible. But we can’t just chew them up like cows do. We have to blend or juice them. When you do, you have one of the finest nutritional sources on earth. And it’s Free!

Own a Vitamix blender. There is already so much information out there about Vitamix. It’s a wonderful product and worth owning. If the price shocks you, set aside money until you can purchase one. If you’re super motivated towards health and want to go raw vegan, sell or give away appliances used to cook food to make room in your life for this blender.

Get frozen fruit from Azure Standard. If you don’t already have a good local connection for getting seasonal fruit, Azure Standard has first rate options. They do carry other brands but their own brand, called Azure Husbandry, is picked from their trees, frozen, and can be shipped to your group drop location. I’m sure there are other connections for frozen fruit, this is just the one that I use.

Get free food by walking in your neighborhood and checking out who has tons of fruit growing that they don’t even eat. Knock on the door and ask them if you can have some. Offer to pick some for them as well.  This can be awkward at first!  But I’ve never had anyone say no and every neighbor I’ve met is happy that I can use it and won’t let it go to waste.

Thank you for reading my post and I hope I’ve been able to help start ideas for being in charge of your own health!



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