When Temptation Comes to Sabotage Your Healthy Efforts

Quick post here.  What can you do, if you’re trying to eat healthfully, you’ve been doing well and all of a sudden you’re in a situation where temptation is hitting and you know you’re going to have that thing, whatever it is!

In the United States, we live with excess.  We can have any candy bar, any combination of cookie or sweet – basically whenever we want.  If we don’t have it in our refrigerators or pantries, it’s a few minutes away to the nearest store.

Habits that are better and strength within those habits comes in time.  Our mind is a muscle that we can control and retrain with time!

When Temptation Comes to Sabotage Your Healthy Efforts

My suggestion is to cover it in greens.  Have a little bit of the tempting thing if you can’t resist and toss in greens.  The vitamins and minerals in raw greens will help your body do what it needs to do more efficiently get rid of the bad stuff.

If it’s a dessert then kind of hard to cover that in greens so do this.  Just take a minute to reflect on how you’ll feel 10 minutes later after eating it.  Drink a glass of water instead and go outside until the urge goes away.

You can have a life of great sleep and feeling full of energy each day by doing the steps:

Getting in fresh air

Spending time in the sun (no sunscreen)

Just eat plants because the possibilities are endless and the results are stunning!

Say no or have boundaries with people who want to be in a toxic relationship with you.

Drink lots of water.

Spend a couple of your hours everyday doing something you love to do.

Move everyday by walking and stretching, swimming, standing up and sitting down 50 times…just do something to move yourself.

Eat these green vegetables everyday.

I do all of these things every day and I now sleep like a rock and never have a need for pain medication.  This is a life you can also have, by being faithful to these steps.

I am only scratching the surface with this topic here.  Many of my other posts go into detail.  What do you think?  Please share a thought in the comments section.

Cayenne Pepper – An Unsung Hero for Hearts and More


I would like to share a post that was written by Michael Tierra about the benefits of using cayenne.  Some good quality powdered cayenne should be in every home!

A spoonful of it in warm water can stop a heart attack.  It gets circulation going and so much more.

In my own family we cook with cayenne every single day.

I hope you enjoy this article.  When you’re done, please leave a comment about what you think is the best source available for cayenne powder, or any advice you may have about powdering it yourself at home.



Fasting Can Save Your Life and Help Clear up Gallstones and Tumors

Fasting just makes sense.  Your body is filled with millions of tubes, and those tubes get clogged with all of the bad stuff you eat.  When given the chance, through fasting, the body can

  • finally take a much needed break from constantly digesting food,
  • start to clear the tubes,
  • clean up the organs that filter (kidneys, liver, colon to name a few), and start doing some housework.

You won’t starve, and everything is going to be ok.  Simple fasting.  It doesn’t cost anything!  It’s free and can clear disease out of you.  But it does involve you committing to the work of it.  Read some books on the subject.  I have one that I’ll recommend at the end of this article. I think it’s important to do the research and have a full understanding of the gift you actually have, which is your health.  When facing a disease, you certainly have access to, and encouragement to take a plethora of chemical medications.  Please know that you also have access to fasting.

Fasting is something to be excited about, especially if you are really sick.  When fasting, the white blood cells can get to work fighting off mold, bacteria, and yeast.  The kidneys and gall bladder will stop holding on to the stones inside and do their part to get the mess flowing out.  The liver will start unclogging and be able to produce more interferon to go after pathogens.  You deserve to have all of these good things happen to you!

Fasting is slow and steady, and so the benefits won’t happen overnight. If you are in a diseased state, it took years for your body to get that way so be patient. Just make a start.

The book I would like to recommend to you is Fasting Can Save Your Life, by Herbert M. Shelton.  I like older books and this one was originally published in 1940, then re-written in 1978.  I think older books may not have the prettiest pictures but often have the truth and common sense without all the fluff.  From the back cover:

The popular mistaken concept is that we cannot gain strength and build resistance unless we eat. So long as this illusion persists, thousands will go to premature graves.Food and nutrition are not synonymous. You are not nourished by food you eat, but in proportion to the amount you digest and assimilate.Through the ages men and women have fasted and regained health, peace of mind and a new way of life. Preservation of life depends on a system of right living. Fasting is only one phase of this system. When it is used properly and supervised by a qualified person, ‘Fasting Can Save Your Life’.

Here is a really good review of the book:


Herbert M. Shelton wrote his best books during his mature years, after 1940. The second edition of this book dates from 1978, so the reader gets the benefit of his decades of experience supervising tens of thousands of fasters.

He covers all the obvious angles: why to fast, where and when to fast, what to expect during a fast, when and how to break a fast. The safety of fasting. Who should fast? Should children fast? Should underweight people fast? Should pregnant women fast? The difference between hunger and appetite. Then, in separate chapters, he discusses various acute and chronic conditions that can be resolved by fasting: from arthritis and asthma to gallstones and tumors. From hay fever to heart disease, and others.

There is no more reliable source of advice on fasting than Herbert M. Shelton. He makes sense, basing his arguments on logic and sound science, not on testimonials. Recommended.

I hope what was discussed here has helped you.  One final note, people usually have more success with fasting when time is scheduled for it.  You need rest, and you will need to be able to focus, especially through the first 24 hours or until the strong cravings for sugar (and all of the bad stuff!) to subside.

Happy healing!






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3 Little Known Ways to Get a Cleaner Colon

  • Diatomaceous Earth and living bentonite clay.  Consider making these sources of minerals part of your daily life for a better grip on gut health.  Most bodies are extremely deficient in magnesium.  Diatomaceous earth and living bentonite clay are excellent ways to get this in your body, whithout taking it in capsule form and worrying how it was processed or manufactured.  Just take the pure source.  I recommend Redmond Clay that has been used by people for absorbing toxins for over 1000 years.  Diatomaceous earth can gently remove dirt (toxins, call it whatever you want) from the body.  Clay removes dirt as well.  I keep both of these on hand at all times.  A paste made out of the clay also works great with insect bites and of course absorbs dirt through the skin.  There are too many benefits to ingesting Diatomaceous Earth to list, so here is some great information for you.  The fact that it gets rid of internal parasites (along with a diet of primarily fruit and vegetables) will keep me using it for life.
  • Put something fresh and green on top of everything you eat.  I am for an all raw fruit and vegetable diet.  But if this is not where you are, at least cover your food in fresh greens.  They are a powerhouse of healing vitamins and minerals.  Again, you can get your vitamins from a pure source.  So no matter what you’re eating – soup, meat and rice, pasta, – top it with lots of greens.
  • Eat less, and eat only during eight hours of the day.  Don’t eat after sundown.  Give your body a break.  This is also known as intermittent fasting.  You will sleep so much better on an empty stomach!  When your body does not have to use all its energy to process food, it can get busy with night repair, healing hormone repair, while you are sleeping.  For a better night’s sleep, go to bed hungry!  Is that last minute bite of (whatever it is) more important than sleeping well?  No!  Intermittent fasting can start you on the path to a cleaner colon.  A cleaner colon equals better nutrient absorption.

I hope these ideas offered some hope, which is the main goal I’m working to accomplish with my blog.  Please leave a comment and offer additional ideas!





We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites.