When Temptation Comes to Sabotage Your Healthy Efforts

Quick post here.  What can you do, if you’re trying to eat healthfully, you’ve been doing well and all of a sudden you’re in a situation where temptation is hitting and you know you’re going to have that thing, whatever it is!

In the United States, we live with excess.  We can have any candy bar, any combination of cookie or sweet – basically whenever we want.  If we don’t have it in our refrigerators or pantries, it’s a few minutes away to the nearest store.

Habits that are better and strength within those habits comes in time.  Our mind is a muscle that we can control and retrain with time!

When Temptation Comes to Sabotage Your Healthy Efforts

My suggestion is to cover it in greens.  Have a little bit of the tempting thing if you can’t resist and toss in greens.  The vitamins and minerals in raw greens will help your body do what it needs to do more efficiently get rid of the bad stuff.

If it’s a dessert then kind of hard to cover that in greens so do this.  Just take a minute to reflect on how you’ll feel 10 minutes later after eating it.  Drink a glass of water instead and go outside until the urge goes away.

You can have a life of great sleep and feeling full of energy each day by doing the steps:

Getting in fresh air

Spending time in the sun (no sunscreen)

Just eat plants because the possibilities are endless and the results are stunning!

Say no or have boundaries with people who want to be in a toxic relationship with you.

Drink lots of water.

Spend a couple of your hours everyday doing something you love to do.

Move everyday by walking and stretching, swimming, standing up and sitting down 50 times…just do something to move yourself.

Eat these green vegetables everyday.

I do all of these things every day and I now sleep like a rock and never have a need for pain medication.  This is a life you can also have, by being faithful to these steps.

I am only scratching the surface with this topic here.  Many of my other posts go into detail.  What do you think?  Please share a thought in the comments section.

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