Why Isn’t Anyone Outside?

Dandelions, Amaranth, Nettle, Purslane.  These are some of the edible weeds that grow in my front and back yard.  They also grow all over the world and are designed to heal us.  Everyday I go outside and gather them to throw in my Vitamix with some fruit and water.  These plants are worth your time.  They are worth learning about and can be considered FREE medicine, all around your home.  All you have to do is actually go outside and find them, plus do a little research. A small bunch of  dandelion greens costs about $6 at my grocery store.  They are usually half wilted.  It’s so thrilling to go outside in my own backyard and pick free food.

I am passionate about healing with food, fresh air, pure water, and moving.  I started this blog so I could talk about it and get feedback and thoughts from others who are like-minded.

When I say moving I don’t mean belonging to a gym, and having workout clothes.  Those things are nice if it’s something you enjoy.  I think it can also be a roadblock to moving because you think you can’t exercise unless you have all the right stuff.  Open up the door, get outside and start walking.  That’s it.  The fresh air clears your head, literally.  You will be back inside soon enough and you will feel great.

Don’t worry about who will see you or what you are wearing.  Just move, for about thirthy minutes to an hour, every day.  Odds are that no one will see you anyway if you live in a neighborhood like mine.  What I mean is, no one is EVER outside.  On an hour’s walk, I may see one person.  I live in what I would consider an average suburb.

When I was a kid everyone was outside.  Kids were playing and adults were working in flowerbeds and garages.  When my grandmother was young, not only were people outside but they would sing while they worked.

I started walking for real and without skipping days about three years ago. Couldn’t help but notice that no one was outside.  At first I figured people must be away working at their jobs.  But cars are in the driveways.  At least in my neighborhood, people are home, possibly working from home, but it seems they are choosing to stay inside.

Outside is where the health is!

Sun and sweating and moving is health.

You already know this because it’s common sense.  But almost everyone has somehow forgotten or is just not doing it.  I plan to write a lot about that, too.  Not necessarily why we forgot but how to get it back.  Our health, that is.

Is this simple fact alone the reason why so many of us are so unhealthy?  I just want to keep telling everyone that sun and sweating and moving is health.  Health is wealth. Whatever it takes!

Sorry to point out the obvious but sitting is stagnant.  I think about water that’s been sitting in a bucket for too long without movement.  It starts to smell and attracts mosquitoes and other bugs.  I think the same thing happens to us when we sit too long!  We need movement.

It doesn’t have to be planned and perfect or happen at the right time.  Just go.  Walk everyday.  Once you get back, you can do the dishes or whatever needs doing, then go outside again later.  Check out your flower beds:)



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